The road to a healthier me.

I'm currently 20 years old and I've been trying for years to lose weight. I've been the big, really nice girl for years. I want to be the small girl who's nice andddd who has a nice body. I want to be picked up and spun around. I want to feel comfortable in a bikini. I want to get double takes. I know that doesn't define me, but it's a big deal to me. I finally have found my motivation. I have completely cut soda and fast food out of my diet. I need to work on maintaining a healthy diet and exercising regularly. I'm quite excited because I've never been this motivated before. I'm ready for a change. LEGGO.

Start: 1st Weight Watchers meeting Saturday, June 9, 2012.

H: 5'8"
CW: 250 lbs
UGW: 160lbs. (I want to maintain between 160-165ish)